Party with the King

Everyone loves a party and whether it’s a special anniversary or a significant birthday there’s no better way to mark the event than a visit from the king. Not only is it great entertainment but also a fantastic photo opportunity for your guests and the beauty of Elvis is that his music crosses all age gaps which means that everyone is catered for.  

Events and Personal Appearances

As well his usual shows, Dave is more than happy to make one off personal appearances from fundraisers to corporate events so if you need to make your event stand out or you just want to surprise that special someone then get in touch for further information.


Why not add a little extra sparkle to your big day with an Elvis show guaranteed to make your wedding memorable. Whether you like the faster Rock n Roll numbers or the slower love songs and ballads Dave can work with you to ensure that your evening’s entertainment is exactly how you want it.

Dinner with Elvis

If you own a restaurant or pub then maybe it’s time to consider putting a little Elvis on the menu! There’s no better way to increase you profits whilst giving your customers a night they’ll remember for years to come.


As a child in the 1970’s it was impossible not to be influenced by the phenomenon that was Elvis Presley. His films, music and overwhelming charisma touched the lives of millions of people worldwide.

My introduction to the world of the King was as an eight year old. I remember vividly watching his films during the school holidays and being in total awe of someone so cool. A year later I managed to acquire my first record player and a box of old records including the odd Elvis single. I was hooked. My parent’s record collection consisted mainly of Slim Whitman and Jim Reeves so to lock myself in my room and lose myself in music of the king was like living in a different world, where anything was possible.

Fast forward to the present day and here I am fortunate enough to pay tribute to the man himself. I can’t even begin to understand the complexities of such a brilliant artist and like most Elvis Tribute acts I try not to take myself too seriously as there will only ever be one Elvis Presley. My aim is purely to entertain people and hopefully give them just a little glimpse of the magic that Elvis brought to myself all those years ago.







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